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If you like answering multiple choice questions and would like to get paid for it, I know the spot. PollBuzzer will pay you a dollar per multiple choice question that takes fifteen seconds or less to answer! I’m not getting paid to tell you this so here’s some free information to help you out with doing online surveys for cash.

I am a member of Pollbuzzer and I get questions sent to my email to that are multiple choice. Its takes 15 seconds or less to answer the question and I get paid a dollar for each question answered and you can do the same.

It was really the first time I had ever made money online. On day I decide I wanted to start making over the internet and when I was looking up ways to do some online surveys for cash, PollBuzzer caught my attention.

It’s free to join so I decided to give it a chance and see what would happen. When you sign up you have to answer some questions so Pollbuzzer knows what kind of life style you live. After that you will be set to start receiving questions.

I got my frist question sent to me through email and I opened up and it said, “Where are you going to be watching the football game is weekend, A) Home B) At a friend’s C) At a family members house D) At work E) Not watching the game” and so I answered it.

It takes me like ten seconds or less to answer the question and what’s awesome about it is you don’t have to even be right doing online surveys for cash. Just click A,B,C,D, or E and then you next email will be that Pollbuzzer has just sent you a dollar to your PayPal account! It’s an excellent way to do online surveys for cash.

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can get one set up for free and it’s easy to get set up. When making money online a lot of people want to use PayPal to transact money because it’s a safe secure place to do it. You can get your money on PayPal directly deposited into your bank account and there are other options you can take as well.

So if you looking for some extra ways to do some online surveys for cash, I recommend checking out

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